Frequently Asked Questions

What are Indestructibles made of that is so durable yet paperlike and delightful for my baby?

Indestructibles are printed on a synthetic material made from flashspun high-density polyethylene fibers (getting technical here, we know). It feels like paper, but liquid water cannot pass through it and it is very difficult to tear.

Why are there no words, or so few words?

Indestructibles are intended to encourage dialogic reading (that’s education-speak for “natural conversation”) between parent and baby. Dialogic reading is likely to help an infant develop early literacy skills such as phonological awareness, vocabulary, and narrative skills. For more about Indestructibles and Early Literacy, visit our “For Educators” page.

What do you mean “Indestructibles grow with my baby”?

Indestructibles have something unique to offer babies at all their developmental stages between 0 and 2, whether it is a tactile experience, a visual experience, a picture-identifying experience, or a storytelling experience. Because they have few words, your conversation can change as your baby develops, understands, and interacts with you more and more. Here are some examples of ways a baby might use an Indestructible at different developmental stages (these are just examples. All babies differ, of course):

  • 0 months: Baby enjoys hearing your voice and seeing you turn colorful pages.
  • 4 months: Baby reaches out and touches the book with her own hands.
  • 6 months: Baby chews and explores the books with his own mouth.
  • 9 months: Baby starts learning to turn pages by herself.
  • 12 months: Baby starts to identify the objects in the pictures and soon says their names.
  • 18 months: Baby talks about what a character is doing in the picture.
  • 2 years: Baby and parent or caregiver tell stories about what might be happening in the book.

Why don’t Indestructibles have a cover or spine?

Indestructibles’ pages are virtually indestructible, and a typical cover simply isn’t necessary to protect them. We have found that the addition of an outside cover or spine diminishes the appeal for babies who really want the tactile experience of playing with the pages.

Are Indestructibles safe?

Yes. Indestructibles have been safety tested for ages 0+ and conform to ASTM F963 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety and CPSIA Guidelines.

Are Indestructibles BPA-, phthalate-, PVC-, and lead-free?

Yes on all counts. Indestructibles contain none of these substances and are completely nontoxic.

How can I wash my Indestructibles?

Wash Indestructibles with warm water and mild soap. We recommend throwing them in the tub with your little one, just for the fun of it. 🙂

I thought babies liked high-contrast black/white illustrations. These books have colorful pictures on colorful backgrounds. Why?

Contrary to popular belief, by about 2 months of age your baby is capable of perceiving almost all of the subtle shadings that make our visual world so rich, textured, and interesting, including shadings in clouds and shadows that are unique to your face. They can even see a white teddy bear on a white couch! The Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute says “by about 2 months of age your baby is capable of perceiving almost all of the subtle shadings that make our visual world so rich, textured and interesting: shadings in clouds, shadows that are unique to your face; even see a white teddy bear on a white couch!”

Seriously, isn’t my baby going to destroy an Indestructible if I give her free rein with it?

Nope. Seriously. We haven’t yet had an Indestructible torn or destroyed by a baby. Crinkled, yes, but we’ve heard some moms comment that the more crinkly they get, the more their babies love them.